Climb up wherever you are. Your path is like a scrapbook, a handful of pages to revisit, decisions made, inadvertent high scores and lucky mistakes. What factors have brought you to where you are?

Orbital Logbooks allows you to browse through a collage of impressions that ten professionals from the field of education have collected over the course of a year in their field journals.

The journey is an infinite, circular itinerary, which we encourage you to follow as you like so that you lose yourself in the different stages that make up the landscape of empowerment.

Orbital logbooks
Empowerment is a continuous, infinite journey. The circle you will see next aims to be its representation. In it are situated, in the form of coloured circumferences, the different stages of the empowerment process that ten professionals in the field of education have defined with their thoughts and reflections. By selecting them, you will be able to see what stage they refer to and you will discover the materials made to describe it.

The different colours correspond to three types of resources:
The green circumferences contain pages from field journals.
The orange ones, audio-visual pieces on specific topics, recorded by the educators themselves.
The yellow ones contain fragments of four focus groups where participants shared experiences.

Through these materials, you will be able to delve into the meaning of a term as abstract and multifaceted as that of youth empowerment; circulating through its stages, from prior reflection to the evaluation of the results obtained.

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This page has been elaborated following the recommendations of the use of non-sexist language. Therefore, as far as possible, we have used generic expressions that include gender diversity.

“We’re Carme, David and Matilde. We’re part of Teleduca education and communication, an interdisciplinary team of professionals specialized in educommunication in community dynamization in Barcelona. Our work focuses on favouring situations of self-expression and meeting places, where young people take a leading role in participatory audio-visual creation processes.

We provide socio-educational and cultural support to young people of all ages and in very different situations. We act in formal and non-formal educational contexts and informal ones, and we even aim at recombining them. We encourage dialogue and the interrelation of young people with neighbours: the elderly, women's groups, local organizations, always with the idea of bringing the community together, addressing the feeling of belonging and establishing links with the immediate environment.”

March 7th, 2019


“Transforming limitations into opportunities” 


In one of the groups from the Geovivència project, a search was conducted to make an audiovisual feature about a social lunchroom in Besòs neighborhood. All together, they decided to make interviews to promoters and users of the social lunchroom Gregal.

When we were deciding the script for the feature, we discovered that the teenagers had a lot of prejudice about the people that go to these social lunchrooms and other places like these.

The students doubted and were reluctant to go and speak with them, and they didn’t know what to ask. They were afraid that people would get upset about their questions, and they thought they won’t want to listen to them.

With this situation, we proposed that before going to the lunchroom, they film themselves answering a series of questions about what concerned them about the lunchroom and what they expected. This way, they would see their previous ideas and prejudice reflected.

The purpose was to transform a situation of difficulty into one of opportunities, so that the students reflect, set all the cards on the table, know their opinions, and face the next part of filming from a more confident place. 




Thanks to giving them a space to express themselves, reflect about their prejudice, and decide about what they wanted to ask, the visit to the social lunchroom Gregal sparked a lot of interest.
The students were very attentive while interviewing, everybody wanted to ask questions, and they were taking turns to interview.

After asking the questions on the script, they got motivated, and wanted to ask more questions that they were improvising.

We think that this active and enthusiastic attitude they had at the moment of the interviews happened because students felt empowered and responsible for their work and research.


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