Climb up wherever you are. Your path is like a scrapbook, a handful of pages to revisit, decisions made, inadvertent high scores and lucky mistakes. What factors have brought you to where you are?

Orbital Logbooks allows you to browse through a collage of impressions that ten professionals from the field of education have collected over the course of a year in their field journals.

The journey is an infinite, circular itinerary, which we encourage you to follow as you like so that you lose yourself in the different stages that make up the landscape of empowerment.

Orbital logbooks
Empowerment is a continuous, infinite journey. The circle you will see next aims to be its representation. In it are situated, in the form of coloured circumferences, the different stages of the empowerment process that ten professionals in the field of education have defined with their thoughts and reflections. By selecting them, you will be able to see what stage they refer to and you will discover the materials made to describe it.

The different colours correspond to three types of resources:
The green circumferences contain pages from field journals.
The orange ones, audio-visual pieces on specific topics, recorded by the educators themselves.
The yellow ones contain fragments of four focus groups where participants shared experiences.

Through these materials, you will be able to delve into the meaning of a term as abstract and multifaceted as that of youth empowerment; circulating through its stages, from prior reflection to the evaluation of the results obtained.

In the menu on the top right, you can learn more about the project and also access an archive of the materials, where you can filter them by specific concepts and interests.
This page has been elaborated following the recommendations of the use of non-sexist language. Therefore, as far as possible, we have used generic expressions that include gender diversity.
Children learn how to make good decisions by making decisions, not by following directions.
-Alfie Kohn-
Orbital Logbooks is a project about decision-making, about those steps that have allowed us to conquer the adult world in one way or another... and those gestures that, for some reason, we never got around to making.

It forms a part of the HEBE project, an inter-university research on youth empowerment that asks questions about the moments, places and processes that contribute to making young people capable, and on their empowering and limiting factors.

Funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, this project was born in 2014 from the hand of the University of Girona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Madrid, theUniversity of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University. Since springing to life, it has defined the concept of empowerment, giving voice to young people in various ways, one of them, through the itineraries offered by the interactive documentary HEBE: Digital Prints (2016).

Using the platform you are now visiting, you will be able to embark on a second trip into the HEBE project. In it, a group of educators from various fields have questioned the empowering and limiting factors of empowerment, capturing their analyses and observations in a digital field log that they have been writing up for a year. The voices and visions of this group of professionals want to accompany you, therefore, in a reflection on what helps to empower and what the obstacles are to personal enablement.

Team behind Hebe project

Direction and production

Manel Jimenéz Morales, Alan Salvadó, Marta Lopera Marmol and Ingrid Ferrer.

Follow-up team

Eduard Carrera, Manel Jiménez, Asun Llena, Anna Planas, Mireia Sala, Alan Salvadó, Paloma Valdivia and Carles Vila.


Pere Soler, Ariadna Alonso, Sandra Borneis, Anna Ciraso, Laura Corbella, Cayetano Gómez, Juan González, Àngela Janer, Louise Jennings, Héctor Núñez, Sonia Páez, Pilar Pineda, Pilar Rodrigo, Elia Sepúlveda, Narcís Turon, Carme Trull, Jaume Trilla and Xavier Úcar.


Marta Danso, Pabla Marmolejo and Anna Rotger.

Filmmaking Focus Group

Manel Jiménez
Alan Salvadó.

Cameres Focus Group

Sergi Aragón, Marta Barrufet, Laura Blanca, Julia Gaitano, Maria Garau, Júlia Mora, Adrià Llorenç, Guillem Lloret, Laura Garriga, Belen Puime, Marta Duran, Camila Gaspardo, Marina Camallonga, Lorena Borrelli and Pol Subirà.

Set technicians

Robert Rodríguez, Josep Lluís Perpinyà, Albert Busquets, Fran Gallego and Jordi Barnadas.

Editing Focus Group

Alba Bresolí.

Sound post-production Focus Group

Jose Lozano.

Website design

Ingrid Ferrer.

Website coding

Martí Fenosa
Marcel Planas.


Irene Mir, Lluís Rubió, Jose Alonso, Rafa Cortés, Elisabeth Adelantado, Olga Romero, David Campillo, Carme Mayugo, Matilde Molnar, Laura Muñoz, Jonàs Carbonés, Jordi Bayot and Jordi Serradell.


Nil Bernat, Stephen England, Sílvia Moya, Mario Larrinaga, Valentí Mambrilla, Adrián Palomo, Víctor Rodríguez, Justí Torn, Serveis Tècnics Universitat Pompeu Fabra.