Climb up wherever you are. Your path is like a scrapbook, a handful of pages to revisit, decisions made, inadvertent high scores and lucky mistakes. What factors have brought you to where you are?

Orbital Logbooks allows you to browse through a collage of impressions that ten professionals from the field of education have collected over the course of a year in their field journals.

The journey is an infinite, circular itinerary, which we encourage you to follow as you like so that you lose yourself in the different stages that make up the landscape of empowerment.

Orbital logbooks
Empowerment is a continuous, infinite journey. The circle you will see next aims to be its representation. In it are situated, in the form of coloured circumferences, the different stages of the empowerment process that ten professionals in the field of education have defined with their thoughts and reflections. By selecting them, you will be able to see what stage they refer to and you will discover the materials made to describe it.

The different colours correspond to three types of resources:
The green circumferences contain pages from field journals.
The orange ones, audio-visual pieces on specific topics, recorded by the educators themselves.
The yellow ones contain fragments of four focus groups where participants shared experiences.

Through these materials, you will be able to delve into the meaning of a term as abstract and multifaceted as that of youth empowerment; circulating through its stages, from prior reflection to the evaluation of the results obtained.

In the menu on the top right, you can learn more about the project and also access an archive of the materials, where you can filter them by specific concepts and interests.
This page has been elaborated following the recommendations of the use of non-sexist language. Therefore, as far as possible, we have used generic expressions that include gender diversity.

"My name is Jose Alonso Represa. I was born in and live in the Raval district of Barcelona. I have been working as a social educator for more than 25 years, specializing in the field of guidance and job finding. Much of my professional career has been spent at the Casal d'infants (children’s centre) del Raval and at the Fundació Èxit where I continue to collaborate today.

At the moment I’m working as a social consultant and trainer specialized in guidance methodologies (skills, employability, tutorial action), labour mediation and corporate volunteering. In addition to the Fundació Exit, I collaborate with the Diputació de Barcelona (Government body) giving guidance talks and carrying out training for people looking for work with different town councils and with the Associació Adonar de València."

February 3rd, 2019


               There is this whole part, which we can theorize a lot on, about our educational tools when we work. For example, we do a lot of work with the model of transversal competences: we believe that without them, no matter how many technical competences you have, it is difficult to work your way out. We also strongly believe in tutoring processes.

Outside of these guidelines… the tools we use are merely those that consist on accompanying, listening, establishing the necessary limits… The structure is not rigid, it is not theoretical, it has to be supported by certain pillars and values; but the methodology must allow

flexibility, and each young person’s accompaniment will dictate the needs and tools that have to be applied in each case.

Jose Alonso; social educator